Pay Later Steps :


  • Select Tabby at the checkout
  • choose the preferred payment method from Tabby







  • You will see the details of the purchase process and then enter/verify the phone number and the email. A mobile number must be entered And a valid e-mail to proceed to the second step, and click on complete purchase




  • You will receive a 4-digit SMS PIN sent to your mobile. Enter it on the website




  • If you are a new user of the Tabby service, a page will appear for you to fill in your data, noting that this step appears only upon the first use of the Tabby service. After filling in the information, click on "Buy Now".



  • You will receive a text message on the phone from Absher to verify your identity.




  • You will see a confirmation message from Tabby to prove the order is confirmed.


  • Then the order will be confirmed from our website and the purchase process will be completed.



Important Note:

  1. You must pay on time to avoid any late payment penalties
  2. There is a slight difference between the 14-day payment services and the installments. When using the installment service, there is no need to verify your identity through the Absher service, but 25% of the cart value is paid now by entering your bank card information (debit card Or credit) and the rest of the value is to be paid in installments. Therefore, either a bank or credit card is required to complete the process. So here is an example:

     Instead of the page to verify your identity through Absher, you will see the following page:



Enter your debit/credit card details to pay 25% now and the rest over the next three month, enjoy!