1. To create a return request please click here
  2. Click on My Orders to view your orders and choose the order you wish to return
  3. Once you view your order you will find your order number at the top of the page; under it the statues and the date purchased on; Under the date you will receive 3 options in a row 
    • Reorder
    • Return
    • Create Ticket
  4. Click on Return to create your return order
  5. Scroll down and click on the tick box next to the item picture you wish to return.
  6. Once you tick the tick box a square box will appear to fill the following:
    • Return Qty
    • Return Reason
    • Item condition
    • Return Resolution
  7.  Scroll down to add your message in the message box and attach picture of the goods received
  8. Tick (I have read and accept the Return Policy) and submit Request.